Type FHG-1
This helmet is made by shoei and used all J..S.D.F.
First all original Japanese helmet.(Not copy HGU-34/P)
FHG-1 is used '80s`early'90s.(F-104J,F-1,F-4EJ,F-15J) in

Type 2 helmet (koukuu helmet 2gata)

Made by Mitsubishi electric co.,Ltd.
Shell is P-4 with visor cover.
Very heavyweight.Used to F-4EJ Fighter
.('70s`''80s used.)

Type M-1 (koukuu helmet M-1gata.)
Made by shoei, but copied APH-5.
This helmet is used M.S.D.F.(Gold) and G.S.D.F.
(Ground Self Defense Force,and color is white.)
M.S.D.F. is used '70s`'80s middle.

Type 3 (koukuu helmet 3gata)
Made by shoei.
Shell is P-4 with visor cover.
This used '80s`early'90s

Type@FHG-1 (J.M.S.D.F. 124Fs ver.)
Made by shoei.
M.S.D.F. and G.S.D.F. type has a boom mic.
Without oxygen musk receivers.
This used '80s`early'90s.(But G.S.D.F. is useing now and color is O.D.)

Type FHG-3-Q (Iwojima rescue Sq. ver.)
Made by shoei.
This helmet is double visor smoke & clear.
Shell is same FHG-1.
Now useing item.

Type FHG-2
@Now useing helmet.
FHG-1 modify very lightweight.
Too expensive helmet and i don't have it.
Only picture.

iJapan Air Self Defense Forcej

Type@FHG-1 (J.M.S.D.F. passenger ver..)
This helmet is shell only.



iJapan Maritime Self Defense Forcej


Flight Helmet J.S.D.F.